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Kikukawa uses metal to create beauty for 21st century urban spaces.

For the last eight decades since KIKUKAWA was founded, we have worked with notable architects and interior designers from Japan and abroad, leading the industry with our metal interior and exterior works.
We will continue to refine our metalcraft to create products that meet demands as we stride into the future as a competitive, environmentally friendly metalwork engineering company.

"KIKUKAWA, the Metal Engineer"

The role of metal in building interiors and exteriors is changing as buildings grow taller and more complex. We have met the changing needs of the time with our technologies developed over our long years of experience.
We will continue to contribute our works as a comprehensive metalworker, with professional and cutting-edge technologies honed under our company spirit, "Never Say No".

Integrated Production Management System ~ From Design to Manufacturing and Installation

We employ an integrated production management system that encompasses design, manufacturing, and installation. This system enables us to provide the highest quality products as a comprehensive solution providing metalwork engineer.

By gathering professionals with expertise in various areas in a single location, we are able to efficiently manufacture even difficult-to-manufacture products with complex shapes.

From Order to Delivery