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World-renowned technological excellence, nurtured over nearly a century of company history

Since its foundation in 1933, Kikukawa has been engaged in interior and exterior metal architectural work on state-of-the-art and design-led buildings for almost a century. Notable examples include the TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Galleria observatory, Bloomberg London’s new European headquarters, Fuji Television’s Spherical Observation Room in Odaiba (Tokyo), and the Tokyo Tower Observatory. We have also worked on either the interior or the exterior of the flagship buildings of many world-renowned brands in Tokyo’s stylish Ginza area. Today, we enjoy an outstanding reputation worldwide for technological excellence, particularly for our ability to make complex shapes and processes possible.

“Never Say No”: the spirit that makes the impossible possible

Although recent advances in IT have made it possible to generate conceptual perspective drawings of complex shapes, actually realising those shapes in metal remains challenging. At Kikukawa, however, we refuse to give up, even when faced with projects so difficult they seem impossible. We cherish what we call Kikukawa-ism, the spirit that drives us, and “Never Say No” is a phrase that symbolises our commitment to quality in craftspeopleship. Each and every Kikukawa employee strives to embody this spirit by working together, regardless of role or years of services, through same approach: iterations of trial and error until we can deliver exactly what our client wants.

Our strength: engineering expertise reinforced by experience

Our spirit of perseverance is not our only strength; we can also offer outstanding engineering expertise. We can, of course, deliver projects to the minimum required quality, but in doing so we cannot demonstrate what makes us superior in our industry. When looking at the same project, our approach – unlike others – is to consider how we can surpass our clients’ expectations and offer significant added value. This is made possible by an abundance of knowledge and experience, fostered over many years, along with what we call our engineering expertise, which brings together core skills in creativity, communication, and problem-solving. We anticipate client needs and, even if not specifically instructed to do so, propose various methods and options, in order to achieve outcomes that exceed expectations. This encapsulates the strength only Kikukawa can offer.

Enriching life with decorative architectural finishes

"Enriching life with metal" is a slogan often referenced by Kikukawa’s third-generation president. Recently, we have improved our marketing efforts, including online, and consequently have started to receive commissions for a wide variety of finishes for both interior and exterior use, in addition to large-scale bespoke architectural works. Our view is that demand for high quality decorative architectural finishes will continue to rise. This is because the use of decorative metal work in such settings as reception counters, partitions, and ceiling panels in offices and hotels, can bring an air of luxury and refinement to those spaces. Being able to enhance everyday spaces and enriching lives in this way, using decorative architectural finishes that encapsulate the technical brilliance of Kikukawa, is where the true value of our company lies.

Management Philosophy

Kikukawa: bringing joy and affluence to spaces through decorative architectural work of superlative quality

3 Core Principles

  • Pursue World Class Quality
  • Respect Individual Creativity
  • Innovate for the Future