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Facing Unusual Metalwork Requirements?

KIKUKAWA is providing custom metalwork services.
Our metalworking expertise is ideal for metal pieces with unique requirements: minimal weld distortions, extra large or over-sized fabrications, complex shapes and double curved panels.

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Metalworking is our specialty - from years of experience in one-of-a-kind metal architectural projects, we are now providing the metalworking expertise to other industries. If you are facing unusual metalwork requirements as exemplified below, we may be your solution.

・Minimal weld distortion on shiny materials such as Bronze or Aluminium
・Necessity to weld sheets for over-sized materials or products
・Fabrication of extra-large or oversized metal products
・Products with complex shapes, dual-curves or 3 dimensional curves
・Test pieces or small lots that cannot be die-casted
・Collect data from the latest metalwork machinery

If you have a metalwork problem and need a solution, please contact KIKUKAWA via the e-mail form below. Contact us to request for more information, quotations, consultations or lead-time estimations.

KIKUKAWA’s Extensive Knowledge and Experience

Since its foundation in 1933, KIKUKAWA has been leading the industry by working with renowned architects and interior designers to fabricate metal interior and exterior works.
As our products are made-to-order, each of our projects has presented different challenges. This has helped build our expertise and elevate our craftsmanship to a high manufacturing and quality standards.

Combining Cutting-edge Technology and Craftsmanship

To answer changing demands and customer needs, KIKUKAWA continues to combine cutting-edge technology and skilled workmanship to provide innovative one-of-a-kind metalwork products. Our facility hosts metalwork industry leading machineries such as Friction-Stir-Welding machine (FSW), fiber-laser welding machine and 8m bending machine. By further studying and experimenting with these machineries, we continue to refine and expand our metalworking expertise.

What Makes KIKUKAWA’s Metalwork Special

Our facility is home to more machineries and equipments than those listed above. Machines such as lasers, turret-punchers and other bending machines allow us to provide custom decorative materials for architectural projects, especially those requiring over-sized, extra-long, complex bending, double curves or welding with minimal distortions. By investing in machinery and craftsmanship, KIKUKAWA is able to provide custom metalwork services for thin to mid-thickness materials.

Metalwork Facilities, West side
Metalwork Facilities, West side
Metalwork Facilities, East side
Metalwork Facilities, East side
Bending Machines, East side
Bending Machines, East side

Selected KIKUKAWA’s Machines

Welding Sheets / Friction Stir Welding Machine (FSW)

2-D FSW Machine (with NC)
2-D FSW Machine (with NC)

FSW specializes in welding flat-materials, extruded materials or other metalwork experiments. By utilizing this machine, KIKUKAWA is able to fabricate materials that are over 2500mm in width. KIKUKAWA has also developed the technology to weld curves which are typically difficult for FSW. Though there are limitations, we are also able to provide welded materials that were impossible with arc welding or laser welding.

Name of MachineryFriction Stir Welding Machine
Workable Size (mm)W2800 x L4000
Applied Materials Aluminium Alloy – 1.5mm~10.0mm
Bronze Alloy – 1.5mm ~ 6.0mm
Also applicable to Magnesium alloy

JIS A1100/A5052/A6063, C1020/C2200/C2600, AZ61 are also workable
・Please consult us for products over the aforementioned size

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Friction Stir Welding

Limited Distortion Welding / Fiber Laser Welding Machine

MM Fiber Laser Welding Machine
MM Fiber Laser Welding Machine

At KIKUKAWA, this latest fiber laser welding machine is utilized to fabricate products with minimal weld distortions, welding test pieces and conducting metalwork experiments. This technology allows for fine deep welding and it could be used for highly reflective materials such as bronze or Aluminium. This machine is best suited for curved, double curved or long continuous welding.

Name of MachineryMulti-mode Fiber Laser Welding Machine (Made by Amada)
Power6kw Multi Mode Fiber Laser
Maximum Workable Size (mm)W1200 x L7000 x H1300
Applicable Materials Stainless Steel – 0.8mm~6.0mm
Aluminium Alloy – 1.0mm ~ 5.0mm
Bronze Alloy – 1.0mm ~ 3.0mm
Steel – 0.8mm ~ 6.0mm
Also applicable to Titanium or Nickel alloy

・Additional fees for trestle or lead-time may be necessary depending on the size and the shape of the product
・Please consult us for products over the aforementioned size

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Fiber Laser Welding

List of KIKUKAWA’s Machineries and Capabilities

MachineryFabricatorMaximum Workable Size
WidthLengthMaterial Thickness
SteelAluminiumStainless SteelBronze
2D-FSW (with NC)- 2,8004,000×10.0×6.0
Incremental Forming- 2,6003,000×
MM-Fiber Laser Welding MachineAmada1,2007,0006.
SM-Fiber Laser Cutting MachineMitsubishi Heavy Industries1,1004,5004.
Laser Cutting MachineTrump
2,0006,10012.010.06.0Brass 3.0
Turret Punch Press
(with NC)
Bending Machine
(with Automatic Tool Changer)
450 4000 4.5 4.0 4.0 4.0
Bending Machine
(with NC)
500 8000 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0
450 4280 4.5 4.0 4.0 4.0
Bending Machine Amada
RG-40 Re
400 7000 Max Pressure 300ton
F-BEST 3005
350 5100 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5
400 3000 Max Pressure 100ton
400 3000 6.0 4.0 3.0 3.0
200 1200 4.5 4.0 3.0 3.0
Shearing MachineAmadaStopper 10006,1004.
AmadaStopper 10004,0003.
AmadaNo Stopper Necessary20504.
Maru MachineStopper 5803,0004.
Plano Miller
(with NC)
Oigo8004,500Solid Machining
(with NC)
Extruded Material MetalworkKobayashi4006,400x3.0xx

*Please consult us for any products over the size listed here.

8m Bending Machine
8m Bending Machine
Laser Cutting Machine (4kW) 2000x6100
Laser Cutting Machine (6kW) 2000x6100
Turret Punch Press (with NC) 2000x6500
Turret Punch Press (with NC) 2000x6500
Turret Punch Press (with NC) 1250x7500
Turret Punch Press (with NC) 1250x7500