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February 1, 2017


[Louver System] Patent Obtained to Develop an Innovative Louver

On December 12th 2016, KIKUKAWA obtained a Japanese patent for the invention of a new “Louver System.”

Patent Overview:

-Name: Louver System

-Patent Number: 6061781

-Date of Receipt: 2016/12/22

Summary of the Invention:

-Reduces heat gain while allowing efficient control of natural light

-Reduces operating energy use and running cost of the building

-Designed to be both stylish and practical

-KIKUKAWA’s Louver System-

There is a growing environmental awareness in today’s world. In architecture, the responsibility to create more green and sustainable buildings is gaining momentum for architects and building owners.

Given this, KIKUKAWA worked with Dr. Jürgen Koch to invent a movable louver system, innovative in design and function that could be installed for new and existing projects.

-The Kochs-

One of the ways to increase the energy efficiency of a building is to install louvers outside of the windows. This is where the buildings are susceptible to the effects of incoming heat gain and sunlight. The exterior louvers could help control this before it enters the building thereby increasing the energy efficiency as well as reducing the installation and the running cost of the building.

Other existing louvers were able to control sunlight and heat gain; however it was not able to concurrently allow natural light to fill the room. With existing models, the building would be more energy efficient and the AC costs would be reduced, but the lighting costs would not be affected. KIKUKAWA’s new louver system addresses this problem. The design of the new system differs at the top and bottom and because both parts are movable, it allows heat gain reduction as well as efficient sunlight control depending on the intensity of insulation and the location of the sun.

KIKUKAWA is currently working on merchandising this invention. Please inquire for more details. KIKUKAWA will continue to invent and provide high-quality and high-value environmental products.