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March 29, 2017


Shoten Kenchiku: Shiki Juraku

The large 3D off-centre pivot gate of Shiki Juraku, was featured in an article in Shoten Kenchiku. The bespoke metal gate that sits at the centre of the hotel was fabricated using dieless NC forming technique.

In the February edition of Shoten Kenchiku, Shiki Juraku’s (Kyoto’s traditional merchants’ housing style hotel) refined look and its unique concept was noted. As photographed at the centre, the bronze sulfurized texture of the gate matches and enhances the luxurious and traditional impression of the hotel. The materialization of this gate relied on dieless NC forming technique that is one of the latest metalwork processing available.

-The Shiki Juraku article featured on Shoten Kenchiku-

The article writes on the concept behind Shiki Juraku, the creation of ten distinct spaces where people can feel they belong. A focus on seasonal pleasures as well as Japanese Omotenashi is highlighted.

KIKUKAWA’s name is mentioned as the bespoke gate installer.

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