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Avex Building (Reception Counter)

The three dimensional reception counter with 3mm joints

The three dimensional reception counter with 3mm joints

The three dimensional "a" shaped counter fabricated with stainless steel and PHL finish

The "a" shaped reception is visible from the plaza in front of the Avex building

■A Three-Dimensional Effigy

The new corporate office building of ‘Avex’, a Japanese entertainment conglomerate, was established in Aoyama, Tokyo in 2017. Upon entering this new building and reaching the 2nd-floor entrance by an escalator, a three-dimensional ‘a’ shaped effigy comes into view. This effigy is the reception counter and the corporate logo of ‘Avex’.
Kikukawa participated in the consultation and construction of this logo counter, from the fabrication and construction methodology to the implementation.


■Twisting Into ‘a’ Counter

The counter is 3.5m in height, 4.8m in width, 4.3m in depth. Much like the corporate logo, a square tube twists into the shape of ‘a’. To implement the seamless design, 40 uniquely shaped dual-curved panels are installed with a thin 3mm joint. The vibration finished stainless steel counter creates a metallic, futuristic and playful space.


■Kikukawa’s 3D-CAD Designing Technology

This project required Kikukawa’s designing technology in 3D-CAD. The details and the shapes were carefully discussed and established through various design consultations and verified by 3D printed models.
Upon the confirmation of the design, each panel, frame, and sub-structures were designed in 3D. The fabrication and installation dimensions were measured from the 3D models. For the sub-structure, a truss shaped 3D model was drawn and used to validate its structural strength.


■A Work of Art and Technology / Craftsmanship

The fabrication of the three-dimensional ‘a’ shaped counter was a challenge for its complex shape.
Each panel and frame were uniquely shaped and dual-curved, thus requiring different fabrication methodologies. To optimize the QCD, Kikukawaput a lot of thought in the implementation. The required assembling frames were minimized by designing a single frame that adjustments fixing points or dimensions. PHL (vibration) finished materials were metal worked, instead of finishing a dual-curved piece. (This meant that Kikukawa needed to dual curve the metal sheets without damaging it, which was a challenge in its own.) Each and every challenge were overcome by utilizing Kikukawa’s expertise and craftsmanship in welding and dual curving technology.

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■Kikukawa’s Installation

Installation placements were key in implementing the ‘a’ shaped reception counter – and it was difficult.
While Kikukawa typically conducts an installation quality test within the factory prior to shipment, this was the first project in which Kikukawa’s team brought this frame onsite to understand the outline of the product. The details of the dimension and shape were checked carefully by Kikukawa’s detailed designer and the 3D-CAD model he brought onsite.
Even after taking these unusual measures, the implementation of 3mm joints was a challenge and required various onsite adjustments. To overcome these conditions, Kikukawa brought its fabrication and installation craftsman on-site for any additional adjustments.
Thus, this project is truly an example of Kikukawa’s team of designers, fabrication and installation craftsmen coming together to realise a high-quality product and installation.


■The Most Complex Project in Kikukawa’s History

This ‘a’ shaped three-dimensional counter was one of the most challenging dual-curved projects in Kikukawa’s history – in detailed design and installation.
While the project had difficult requirements, Kikukawa provided a comprehensive solution from design to installation by working closely as a team. The result is a monument that is highly regarded by our client.

This reception counter is designed by ‘DAIKEI MILLS’. Kikukawa is introduced as a metal worker on their official website below (external link).

For this project, Kikukawa also participated in other metal constructions such as the pilotis.
Avex Building


Product Material Metal Finishes
Reception Counter Stainless Steel 3D Processing Technology
ProjectAvex Building (Reception Counter)
Abbreviated NameAvex Reception Counter
ClientAvex Inc.
ContractorNOMURA Co., Ltd.
LocationMinato-ward, Tokyo