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Kikukawa Group Tokyo Office

In 2013, the 80th anniversary of the foundation of our company, we rebuilt our Tokyo head office.
The theme of the building was “Metalwork Museum,” with the building itself serving as a showcase for Kikukawa products as a “communication space that represents our corporate approach of taking on the challenges of new technology development.” The new building is a conceptual office building composed of various Kikukawa products, such as three dimensional expanded metal exterior, sharp spiral vaulted wall panels, and perforated design work.

Product Material Metal Finishes
Exterior Design Louvers Expanded Aluminium Expanded Metal
Silver Anodization
Staircase Construction, Bespoke Handrail Stainless Steel Exterior Wall Panel: Silky Blast
Balustrade, Handrail, Treadboard Frame: Vibration Finish (PHL)
Bespoke Fitting Glass Screen Fitting, Mullion: Steel
Stainless Steel Door: Stainless Steel
Fluroresin Baked Coating (Silver Metallic)
ProjectKikukawa Group Tokyo Office
ClientKikukawa Kogyo
ArchitectStudio Artec
ContractorDaigo Corporation
LocationSumida-ku, Tokyo