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Palace Hotel Tokyo

South side view, look for the handrails, eaves and the arch of the chapel.

South side view, look for the handrails, eaves and the arch of the chapel.

Stainless steel chandelier and aluminium soffit, and ceiling on the first floor.

The chapel's arch is framed with steel round pipes.

We supplied reconstruction project products for the historical Palace Hotel, situated near the Imperial Palace.
From the planning and design stage the architectural firm consulted with us regarding several designs.
Special shapes and finishes were needed for the chandeliers, chapel interior, carriage porch eaves, and other items we manufactured, making it a difficult project.
We created and tested multiple prototypes of the parts used in our products and created mockups covering the entire project scope, pooling our expertise and technologies to fabricate and install high quality products.

Product Material Metal Finishes
1F Carriage Porch -Aluminium (Eaves, Ceiling, Louvers)
-Stainless steel (Chandelier, Bottom Louvers)
Fluororesin coating
Chandelier: Fiber laser welding, mirror polish + passivation coating
Ceiling: Gold (dyed) anodization
Decorative ceiling: Antique gold custom paint
5F Chapel Arch Ceiling Steel Silicone Custom Paint
Guest room balcony
Handrails + Eaves
Handrails + Glass frames: Stainless steel
Eaves: Aluminium
Handrails: HL
Glass frames: PHL
Eaves: Fluororesin coating
ProjectPalace Hotel Tokyo
ClientPalace Hotel Tokyo
ArchitectMitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc.
Chapel, interior design: NOMURA Co., Ltd.
ContractorObayashi Corporation
LocationChiyoda-ku, Tokyo