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The American School in Japan

Multiple aluminium perforated panels constitute a single design

Multiple aluminium perforated panels constitute a single design

Decorative metal, with PHL finished at the front, buff finish in the rear, make up a single design

The interior decorated with two perforation patterns

<The Gate>

The metal decorations on the gate of the first international school in Japan were fabricated by Kikukawa.
To materialize the impressive curvatures of the design, fiber laser welding was used for the decorative exterior claddings. This cutting edge technology welds along the curvature of the panel which allows for a product with less deflection.
The decorative exterior consists of two layers, each with a different finish that both makes use of the texture of stainless steel.


<Perforated Walls>

Designed perforations line the interior and exterior of the school building.

Product Material Metal Finishes
Gate, Decorative Metal Stainless Steel Front Layer: Permanent Hairline (PHL)
Back Layer: Buff finish
Laser Welding
Gate, Top Beam Aluminium Anodizing
School Building, Interior / Exterior Panels Aluminium Urethane Resin Baked Paint
Design Perforation
ProjectThe American School in Japan
Abbreviated NameASIJ Chofu Campus
ClientThe American School in Japan
ArchitectTange Associates
ContractorPhase 1: Shiraishi Kensetsu Co., Ltd,
Phase 2: Koshin Kensetsu CO., LTD.
CompletionPhase 1: 2011
Phase 2: 2015
LocationChofu-city, Tokyo