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Tokyo Station, Yaesu Central Ventilation Tower

This is a monument that was installed during the redevelopment of Tokyo, Yaesu exit area. The ventilation tower provides a contrast between the sharp stately metal and the rich soft green plantation.

The 3D schematics were modeled with the 3D CAD, fabricated with 9mm stainless steel in our factory, then welded and re-finished on-site for installation by our expert craftsmen.

The material used, [SUS329-J3L], was selected for its higher durability upon considering the location of the project that could induce stain and rust.

Panels were welded and finished on-site by hand to create one large independent shell-shaped structure panel without internal reinforcement steel frames.

Product Material Metal Finishes
Shell Shaped Structure Panel Stainless Steel Pearl Vibration
ProjectTokyo Station, Yaesu Central Ventilation Tower
Abbreviated NameYaesu Ventilation Tower
ClientEast Japan Railway Company
ArchitectTokyo-Station Yaesu-side Plaza Design JV (JR East Consultants Company, Nikken Sekkei Ltd.)
ContractorKajima Corporation
LocationChiyoda-ku, Tokyo