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December 15, 2021


Exterior Specifications Line-Up Added to Our Alumiére Range of Aluminium Finishes

New Line-up of Exterior Specifications Added to Our Alumiére® Range

Surroundings reflected on the gentle shine of finished aluminium

KIKUKAWA, a bespoke metal architect for interiors and exteriors, added a new line-up of exterior specifications to its Alumiére range on December 1, 2021. The Alumiére range is designed to add shine and texture to luminous aluminium alloys.

In March 2021, KIKUKAWA developed the Alumiére range of gently luminous finishes for aluminium. Initially, the range was launched with a six-strong line-up of finish options, all of which were intended for interior use. Subsequent to launch, we received many enquiries about the possibility of using Alumiére finishes in exterior settings. With the addition of a composite film, we are now able to offer an additional line-up which meets the performance requirements for exterior specifications. In doing so, we hope to better meet our clients’ needs, such as use on exterior wall panels, which enables the surroundings to be reflected on the gentle and characteristic shine of our Alumiére finish.

Features of Alumiére®

◆A line-up of finishes designed to highlight the inherent luminescence and shine of aluminium and to create a wide range of expressions
◆ Achieves a luminescence equivalent to that previously only possible with materials such as stainless steel on aluminium, which is only around 1/3 of the weight
◆ Options for luminescence and texture (hammertone, vibration, Silky Blast®) can be freely combined

Additional Line-up of Alumiére®

(1) Bright Silver (Composite coating)
External specification with a luminescent finish
(2) High Bright Silver (Composite coating)
External specification with our brightest luminescent finish

Maximum Workable Sizes for Alumiére®

Curved panels with a 2.0mm thickness: Max. 1150mm (W) x 4000mm (H)

Cut panels with a 3.0mm thickness: Max. 1200mm (W) x 4000mm (H)

▲ High Bright Silver + Composite coating
Reflection of blue skies and the white of the surrounding buildings on the panel.

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