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We participated in the design study for the building from the basic design stage, taking part in the long-term deliberations that shaped the building.
The building stands out due to its three-dimensional, curved perforated metal façade made of 10 mm thick aluminium plate. The 10 mm thickness of the plate provides rigidity, eliminating the need for rear-side reinforcement or an exaggerated backing, producing detail with a sense of transparency.
In order to handle the complexity and aesthetic considerations of the geometry, we used 3D modeling to verify the geometry and fabrication methods, and skilled craftsmen performed welding and hole-punching on 10 mm thick sheets, which is extremely difficult to work with.
Environmentally friendly, chrome-free powder coating was applied to the front face of the façade.

Product Material Metal Finishes
Perforated Metal Façade Aluminium Highly weather resistant polyester powder coating
ProjectArts Maebashi
ClientMayor of Maebashi City
ArchitectToshihiro Mizutani Architects
ContractorSada-Ukawa-Hashizume Special Construction Joint Venture
LocationMaebashi City, Gunma Prefecture