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Fuji Manufacturing Company Headquarters, Expansion

The curved surface lined with Silky Blast finished stainless steel panels

Stainless steel column covers and exterior panels without any inconsistencies in colour

■Silky Blast Finished Stainless Steel Exterior for a Blasting Service Provider

Fuji Manufacturing Company is a world-leading firm that specializes in the design, fabrication, and sales of blasting machinery and systems. Kikukawa participated in the expansion project for the company’s headquarters located in Edogawa-ward of Tokyo.
The expansion was for the south building that connects to the headquarters, and Kikukawa contributed to the four-storey buildings’ metal construction of exterior stainless steel panels.
Kikukawa owns a Fuji Manufacturing Company’s blasting machine and has completed various projects using this machine that has been highly regarded. Being accustomed to our expertise and craftsmanship in achieving high-quality blasted surface finishes, the client named Kikukawa for this project to demonstrate the beauty and possibilities of blasting.


■Quality Controlling Silky Blast

Blasting is a surface finish obtained by the impact of various blast materials being propelled onto the surface of the metal sheets. While this finish is typically known as a surface preparation methodology, Kikukawa elevated this treatment to a high-quality consistent surface finish with our craftsmanship, ‘Silky Blast’. While this proprietary finish is named after its silk-like matte texture, the texture can be adjusted.
This project uses ‘MR-10’ which has a fine texture and high gloss level.
Blasting is a delicate finish that requires expertise in quality control as slight variations in the material content could result in inconsistencies of the final product. Thus, Kikukawa’s quality control was essential in crafting the high-quality ‘Silky Blast’ finished exterior panels; such as considerations in the metalworking sequence, the direction of the metalworking application, and conducting thorough factory inspections.

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■Stainless Steel Exterior Panels Using Curtain Wall Methodology

The exterior panels amount to roughly 270㎡, each crafted from 4mm thick stainless steel with cut-edge details. The standard size of the panels is 1300mm wide, 4000mm large. The selected curtain wall methodology endows these panels with a water sealing function.
To ensure enough rigidity for the panel frames, the details were studied and reviewed. The shape of the brackets was designed to accommodate the requirements of the curved areas; the individualized angles for each polyhedron panel.
The μ1m by 10m tall round column cover in the atrium is also crafted from stainless steel with cut-edge details. To match the joint details of the adjacent 1.5m long beam panels, the column covers are split in quadrisection consisting of three tiers. The 12 panels consisting of the column have curved surfaces with differing dimensions. Given these terms, Kikukawa studied the designs to optimize fabrication and installation by devising sharable backing frames and crafting special jigs.


■Symbolizing the Blasting Services

Given the high traffic location, the client was keen to have a high-standard exterior for the project. Kikukawa was highly regarded for our high-quality services, and the building now serves as a symbolic façade for a company that provides blasting services. Within the first building of the expanded building, there is a showroom that displays the vast possibilities of blasting.

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Product Material Metal Finishes
Exterior Cladding Stainless Steel Silky Blast (Bead Blasting)
Round Column Covers, Beam Panels Stainless Steel Silky Blast (Bead Blasting)
ProjectFuji Manufacturing Company Headquarters, Expansion
ClientFuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
ArchitectKurimoto Construction Industry, Ltd.
ContractorKurimoto Construction Industry, Ltd.
LocationEdogawa-ward, Tokyo