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Cathay Pacific Lounge, Haneda Airport

Top: Reception Counter and Logo. Bottom: Servery

Polished brass bar counter that reflects its surroundings

■Bronze for a Sophisticated Space

Kikukawa contributed to the metal construction of the Cathay Pacific Airways’ lounge in Haneda Airport (officially known as Tokyo International Airport), near gate 114 on the 6th floor of the International Passenger Terminal.
This is the first designated foreign-affiliated airways lounge to be placed in Haneda Airport. Outside of Hong Kong, where the Headquarters and the main hub of Cathay Pacific Airways resides, Haneda Airport’s Cathay Pacific Lounge is the largest Cathay Pacific designated lounge. As the use of this lounge is limited to first and business-class passengers, the design intent of the space was elegant and sophisticated – as implemented with Kikukawa’s bronze products.


■Bronze to the Fine Details

This lounge is designed by Studioilse, led by Ilse Crawford, based in south London. Inside is a cosy warm space that feels more like a living room than a lounge, designed to the details to provide a relaxed and calm time.

Kikukawa’s bronze products can be seen in various places within the lounge, from the wall panels, counter panels, legs of tables and stools, towel rails to the outlet covers. These products contribute to the creation of comfortable and sophisticated space.


■FURUMI (Sulfurization) Finish

Sulfurization is an artisanal finish that recreates the rich brown hues of patinated copper alloy that would otherwise take decades to form. As the process of patination is an art as much as it is science, this finish is considered difficult in quality controlling the resulting hues. Kikukawa developed and elevated a particular tone of sulfurization (FURUMI) specifically for the Cathay Pacific lounge project.
Based on a picture of an aged stately door sent from the designer, Kikukawa fabricated hundreds of FURUMI (sulfurized) finish samples with varying hues and tones. When the samples reached over 100, the perfect tone was achieved.
The resulting dark shade adds warmth and texture to the bronze products and space as imagined. Kikukawa’s FURUMI (sulfurized) products and our continuous efforts were highly regarded by the designer.

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■Contrasting Polished Brass and FURUMI (Sulfurization) Finish

The entrance wall panels are typically installed with no joints. On top of it is the polished brass logo and the logo mark that contrasts with the dark stately FURUMI (sulfurized) panels. The attached logo mark, as well as the FURUMI (sulfurized) logo at the reception counter, is a renewed logo that has been adopted since the completion of this Cathay Pacific Lounge in Haneda Airport.
There are 7 counters in various places within the lounge, amounting to 990㎡ total floor space. From the warm FURUMI (sulfurized) reception counters, servery to the polished brass bar counter that elegantly reflects its surroundings, variously shaped and designed counters can be found within the space.


■Kikukawa’s Bronze

This project is the initial lounge to be implemented with Cathay Pacific Airways’ new design concept. This new concept was to be expanded globally to other new or renovated lounges.
As a result, this project and Kikukawa’s contributions have become the stepping stone to our involvement in other Cathay Pacific lounge projects such as those in other parts of Asia and Vancouver.

Product Material Metal Finishes
Entrance Wall Panels Copper Alloy (Bronze) FURUMI (Sulfurized) Finish
Reception Counter
Copper Alloy (Bronze) FURUMI (Sulfurized) Finish
Bar Counter Copper Alloy (Brass) Mirror Polished Finish
ProjectCathay Pacific Lounge, Haneda Airport
ClientCathay Pacific Airways
ArchitectDesign Concept: Studioilse
Detailed Design: Midas
ContractorTANSEISHA Co., Ltd.
LocationOta-ward, Tokyo