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Cathay Pacific Lounge, Haneda Airport

“FURUMI” finish, a Kikukawa-unique finish, was used to achieve the effect of aged bronze on new bronze material in the interior of this airport lounge.
The “FURUMI” finish was developed to achieve the finish concept of a London-based designer; something that is warm and allows one to enjoy the natural color change as the material ages.
The designer sent us a photograph of an old, heavy door, and using this photo as reference, we tested various metals and sulfurization methods. After over 100 sample pieces, we were able to produce the desired finish.
The transition of the contrast from the reddish tone, gradually fading in to black, give the bronze panels an expression of depth and warmth.

Product Material Metal Finishes
Interior Panels Red Brass Sulfurized Finish, Clear Coating
ProjectCathay Pacific Lounge, Haneda Airport
Abbreviated NameCX
ClientCathay Pacific
ArchitectStudioilse (concept), Midas (implementation)
LocationHaneda Airport International Terminal