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Chukyo University, Nagoya Campus

We were consulted by the university with a request to build a massive monument that combined a “dinosaur egg” with a “pterosaur’s foot.”
In fabricating the monument, we combined cutting edge technology and skilled craftsmen techniques to realize the designer’s concept of a massive three-dimensional curved surface, measuring 5 m length and 2.4 m width.
During the design phase, we used 3D-CAD and carried out multiple rounds of testing, investigating material processing methods and fabrication methods.
During the fabrication process, we used processing points based on data values, together with skilled craftsmen techniques by hand to produce high precision radial curves.
In the perforated sections, we produced a subtle striped effect by perforating panels in slightly offset positions.

Product Material Metal Finishes
“Dinosaur egg” and “pterosaur foot” monument Perforated Aluminium, Stainless Steel Aluminium Components: Gold Paint
Stainless Steel Components: Silky Blast Finish
ProjectChukyo University, Nagoya Campus
ClientChukyo University
ArchitectArt Associates Yata
ContractorKikukawa Kogyo
LocationNagoya City, Aichi Prefecture