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ZARA Shinjuku (South Exit)

Expanded metal facade from the 3rd floor rooftop garden. The beams are crafted from high corrosion-resistant steel

Close-up of expanded metal facade. Behind the expanded metal is the high corrosion-resistant steel exterior panel.

The unique facade of Zara Shinjuku at night

■A Unique Exterior with Expanded Metal

ZARA Shinjuku (South Exit) has a unique exterior that can be identified from major streets nearby. Kikukawa contributed to this exterior metal construction, from the detailed design to the installation of 1500㎡ expanded metal facade.
ZARA is a world-famous Spanish fast-fashion apparel retailer owned by Inditex. The Shinjuku (South Exit) retail store opened in 2008 when ZARA was undergoing a global expansion.
As a store located in Shinjuku, one of the major fashion central areas in Tokyo, the unique façade is key in marking its presence.


■Expanded Metal Facade

The retail store consists of 5 stories and the expanded metal façade covers the front and sides that are visible. The specification of the expanded metal* selected was 101.6mm (LW), 36mm (SW), 7mm (W), details that are equivalent to XG-21 JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard). The material is 3.0mm thick aluminium, and each expanded metal was finished with a silver tinted powder baked coating.
The standard dimension of the expanded metal claddings is 1600mm to 3100mm high, installed at 1m wide pitch with the longitudinal opening placed horizontally. Both ends of the claddings are crafted with bent edge details. The joint areas are bordered with 50mm stainless steel, and the horizontal joints are detailed with 5mm gapped slit joints.

*Click here to learn more about expanded metal and its specifications


■High Corrosion Resistant Steel Exterior Panels, Optimized Backing Frames

Excluding the access panels, the retail store is covered in steel exterior panels. Given the exterior condition, the selected material is 1.6mm thick high corrosion resistant steel; a unique sheet material finished with hot-dip galvanization mixed with aluminium and magnesium. This particular steel sheet has high paintability and is finished with a silver tint of fluororesin baked coating.
The standard dimension of the bent-edge detailed panels is roughly equivalent to the expanded metal claddings. The backing frame mullions are also crafted from high corrosion-resistant steel sheets. This mullion and the stainless steel horizontal water pipes are integrated to be the framework to attach the expanded metal backing frames.


■Metal Panels for the Edgy, Three Dimensional Design

The roof of the first-floor showcase window and the returning eaves are 1450mm deep. These roof panels and moldings are crafted from stainless steel, while the screening panels and the eaves are crafted from bent-edge detailed high corrosion resistant steel.
The ZARA logo at the edge of the eaves, and the slanted one-third of the eave panels create a three-dimensional design.
The 200mm dented border between each storey, the top rails, and the drain panels are crafted from sharp-edge bent stainless steel sheets. The clean, sharp edges of the metal panels enhance the stylish space.

Click here to learn more about sharp-edge bending and Kikukawa’s bending technology


■A Pioneering Project with Aluminium Expanded Metal and High Corrosion Resistant Steel

This project utilized two technologies that were not commonly used at the time.
Firstly, it used ready-made aluminium expanded metal as a façade. This was one of the first projects to convert its unique three dimensionality and pattern of expanded metal as a designed exterior.
Secondly, the project selected the use of high corrosion-resistant steel sheets as an exterior. The high corrosion resistance of the steel sheets is realized by hot-dip galvanization finish mixed with magnesium and aluminium. While no concerns were raised from the available data, Kikukawa conducted its own exposure tests for verification and the projects’ cost reduction.
In these aspects, ZARA Shinjuku (South Exit) became one of the pioneering projects for Kikukawa.

Product Material Metal Finishes
Expanded Metal Facade
Aluminium Expanded Metal
Powder Paint Coating
Exterior Panels Steel
(High Corrosion Resistant Steel)
Fluororesin Baked Coating
Beams, Mullions, Border Gutters Stainless Steel Sharp Edge Bending
Fluororesin Baked Coating
ProjectZARA Shinjuku (South Exit)
ClientZara Japan Corporation
DISC Co., Ltd.
ContractorObayashi Corporation
LocationShinjuku-ward, Tokyo