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Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Tokiwadai Branch

We performed the exterior construction for this bank branch, with its distinctive design.
The exterior is made of 10 mm thick perforated aluminium panels with bright, colorful fluororesin paint.
Perforated panels are normally fabricated with 1.5 mm to 3.0 mm thick panels. However, the architectural design firm sought to use 10 mm thick plates to express a sharp, edged feel. We met this request with our in-house machining technique, using an end mill.
The customer had also focused heavily on the colors of the bright open panels, thus we created multiple prototypes to achieve the colors the designer desired.

Product Material Metal Finishes
Exterior perforated panels AL 10.0t Fluororesin medium temperature coating (full gloss) double-sided coating
Open panels AL 3.0t Fluororesin medium temperature coating (full gloss) double-sided coating
ProjectSugamo Shinkin Bank, Tokiwadai Branch
ClientSugamo Shinkin Bank
Architectemmanuelle moureaux architecture + design
ContractorWatanabe Kensetsu Co., Ltd.
LocationItabashi-ku, Tokyo