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Mirror Finish

Super-large panels for an overseas project. These panels had a thickness of 5 mm and a maximum size of W1810mm by L6640mm and 5mm joints.

A sparkling, mirror-like finish that maximizes the luminosity of stainless steel. This finish reflects its surroundings, opening up spaces when used on both interior and exterior panels. Mirror finish panels can also function as accent panels: by giving careful consideration to the placement of what will be reflected in the mirror finish, scenery, artworks, and even people can be shown off in the finish surface. The brilliance and lustre of mirror finish means it also often chosen to be used for fittings, frames, and ornaments, where it can give impart a sense of luxury to building exteriors and interiors, as well as in interior decoration.

Main Features・Suitable for high quality panels (smoothness, reflectivity)
・Strong ability to procure high quality materials
・Suitable for extra-wide or extra-long panels
・Can be combined with a wide range of other finishes
・Can be colourised or tinted
-Stainless steel
-Bronze (Native copper / bronze / brass)
CategoriesMirror (#800),
quasi-mirror (under #800 to approx. #400)
Workable Size
Max. 1500mm (W) x 6000mm (L)
* Please consult with us regarding anything over this size.
RemarksPlease note that we do not accept assignments for polishing finishes only.

The Pavilion features an invisible access panel system. The mirror finished ceiling panels enhance the sense that the object is floating in the air.

What is mirror finish?

Mirror finish is achieved by polishing the surface of metal until the polishing marks become invisible, resulting in a level of reflectance akin to that of a mirror. The smaller the size of polishing grain, the smoother and more luminous the surface finish. The grain size for mirror finish is #800, while a quasi-mirror finish, in which the polishing marks remain albeit faintly, can be achieved with grain sizes of less than #800 to around #400. Mirror finished surfaces are very smooth, making them resistant to the adherence of dirt.

Stainless steel is most commonly used for mirror finishes. As well as panels, the finish can be used on shaped steel, pipes, and products processed after welding. Luxury products aside, the quasi-mirror finish is often used as a general building material, for example for external handrails and plumbing hardware, thanks to the strong corrosion resistance of stainless steel.


KIKUKAWA’s strength in quality responsiveness for mirror finish

When crafting high-quality mirror finish products, it is vital that there is as little distortion as possible in the reflected image. If the material itself, be it stainless steel or anything else, is not smooth, or if it has not been polished into a smooth surface, then distortions will appear in the reflected image. In addition, processes such as bending, welding, and the addition of screws can have a significant impact. In this way, the quality of mirror finish products is dependent not only on the polishing process, but also by overall technical capabilities: everything from design, to materials procurement, through to processing and installation.

At KIKUKAWA, we are able to minimise any distortion arising from the base materials by careful selection of manufacturers (materials, polishing grain) and strict quality management. For the design and fabrication stages, we are able to use our extensive know-how, built up over many successful projects, to suggest optimal thickness, panel shape (curved panels, cut panels), and construction method. In addition, we also fabricate stud welding samples and mock-ups as required, to ensure we can meet the level of quality required by the client. (This is because mirror finish panels are more susceptible visible marking by stud welding than panels finished in other finishes).

Although we call this a “mirror finish”, the quality will vary in accordance with client requirements. At KIKUKAWA, we can adjust the finish to meet client demand and purpose: we offer both a quasi-mirror finish and can also handle highly detail-oriented specifications. After talking through your project and requirements, we will be able to suggest the best solutions, so please get in touch if you are considering using mirror finishes in your project.

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■KIKUKAWA mirror panel

Advanced technology: utilization of fibre laser welding

Conventionally, using welding with mirror panels was not recommended since even the tiniest deformations can become very noticeable. This is not the case at KIKUKAWA however: our state-of-the-art fibre laser welding equipment allows us to fabricate any shape with only infinitesimal distortion.

KIKUKAWA’s technologies – Fibre Laser Welding

Examples of the use of fibre laser welding
Project Gallery: Tokyu Plaza, Omotesando Harajuku

Large-scale (wide/long) stainless steel mirror finish panels

For clients requiring large-scale stainless steel mirror finish panels, greater in size than 1500mm (W) by 5000mm (L), KIKUKAWA can offer high quality products with inconspicuous image distortion.

With the mirror finish, the larger the panel size becomes, the more advanced the technology required for each process (including materials selection, machine processing, assembly), and the stricter the quality control. In machine processing, generally speaking the bender used for bending materials is around 4-5m in length. At KIKUKAWA we have an 8m bender, which allows us to fabricate extra-long curved panels and column covers.

Working with large-scale panels also means additional weight and size throughout all processes, from fabrication to packing and transportation, through to on-site lifting, mounting, and installation. This can make large panels difficult to handle without the risk of damage. At KIKUKAWA, we work with the utmost care and in accordance with careful planning to ensure that the finished surface remained undamaged. We are able to do this thanks to the strength of our know-how, built up through practical experiences working with large-scale panels.

If you are considering working with large-scale stainless steel panels, we do have minimum lot numbers and certain restrictions on delivery in those cases where materials procurement is necessary. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in advance.

Adaptability to high-grade design

Using mirror finish on joints and panel edges is an additional touch that makes the most of the luxury feel of mirror polish and takes design sophistication to the next level. At KIKUKAWA, we are able to meet client requirements for more delicate joints by making adjustments to our panel processing and fitting techniques.

For ceiling panels, the smallest panel-to-panel joint we offer is 3mm: this is featured in our invisible access panel system. In this system, none of the normally protruding sections—such as keyhole, lock mechanism, frame—appear on the finished surface, ensuring that the metal ceiling looks flawlessly beautiful.

In recent years there has been a trend, both in building interiors and interior decoration, to align panels tightly, without visible joints. We are able to offer this seamless look, with inconspicuous joints, through the application of high-precision techniques throughout the construction process.

We also offer various options for bringing detail to mirror panel edges: for example, V-grooving can impart sharpness to fittings, while the sides of mirror panels can be finished with edge polishing.

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Combinations with other finishes

Minamo® (Water Ripple) Panels

The finish featured water ripple-like patterns embossed on mirror finish stainless steel panels. Crafted using KIKUKAWA’s original embossing technology, irregular undulations are applied to the panel without any accompanying damage. The ripple-like fluctuations of the wave patterning and the soft reflectivity impart a sense of luxury and style to building interiors and interior decoration.

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Silky Blast® Gradation

This finish is achieved by gradually adjusting the density of the blasting medium used for Silky Blast®, an original KIKUKAWA finish, to create soft gradation. The result is a finish with shifting levels of luminosity reflectivity, from a mirror-like shine to the soft shimmer of frosted glass.

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Coloured Stainless Steel

With coloured stainless steel, we can apply a range of colors to stainless steel materials, including mirror finish stainless steel. Colour can be applied through either chemical colouring or physical vapour deposition, to create a wide range of effects including antique-look colour and shimmering colours such as Champagne Gold. Coloured stainless steel also boasts excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance.

KIKUKAWA’s technologies – Metal Products Using Coloured Stainless Steel


Mirror finishes with other materials


Our original Alumiére finish that adds lustre and texture to bright aluminum alloy materials. It recreates with aluminium the distinctly metallic shine of stainless steel, albeit with a gentler shine than mirror finish, and softly reflects the surroundings.

KIKUKAWA’s technologies – Bright Anodized Aluminium Panels

Kikukawa’s Finish Samples- Aluminium- Alumiére®

Bronze mirror finish

This finish is achieved by polishing the base material, usually brass, to a mirror-like shine. The brilliance that results from using brass a base material means the finished surface closely resembles gold and can impart a luxury feel.

The Pavilion features an invisible access panel system. The mirror finished ceiling panels enhance the sense that the object is floating in the air.

Reflectivity test samples in the KIKUKAWA factory. We fabricate various prototypes panels to test the effects of V-grooving of distortions made deliberately on the samples.

A stainless steel mirror finished ribbon panel that rises diagonally along the curved stairwell walls. You can see how, even on a three-dimensional curved surface, there is minimal distortion. (Image of the central curved panel, running from the upper right of the photo, taken from the floor above)

Top: Ceiling Minamo® (Water Ripple) panels, shining brilliantly in indirect light.
Bottom: Reception counter and freestanding wall fabricated in Silky Blast® gradation panels

Projects that used Mirror Finish